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From bubbles to big data


Whether you’re business-facing, consumer-facing or both at once, we have a diverse social portfolio of businesses across all sectors.

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We regularly touch base with the huge and expanding audience in food and wine, both B2B and B2C – often on the back of the vast coverage across many other media platforms. This is an eclectic and informed audience who respond well to intelligent and well researched posts. We make these accounts inclusive and we actively seek opinion. Gastronomes are huge information seekers from origin, to nutrition to pure hedonism and appear eager to get involved and share personal experiences.



The leisure and entertainment sectors are particularly appealing to a younger demographic and generate 24 hour response. Accounts such as these benefit from constantly changing strategies to cater for what can be a fickle audience. This audience waits for no man. We rise to that challenge.

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Twitter has created a huge and growing number of of business tech commentators making it the key social media for tech and innovation. Several of our clients sit solidly in this sector (e.g Microsoft or datacentres) and often express concern in the early stages that the subject matter is dry or proves difficult to engage and retain an audience. We prove this isn’t the case. We’re able to attract and retain a relevant audience. We provide live tweeting at key tech events and product launches and often we inject new subjects such as tech innovation during peak activity periods of the day. This, and other tactical strategies allow us to reach a wider audience in what is perceived to be a niche sector.

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We keep up to date with the latest developments in mobile commerce and app design. If your company works in the mobile industry we can use social media to consolidate your authority in the field. Your social media profiles are your companies public face, so we also connect and engage with thought leaders to keep your business on the cutting the edge.



We can help your retail business grow through social media management. We can connect with your customers and pass on their feedback. Stimulate customer loyalty through answering customers’ questions and running competitions through Twitter and Facebook. We can also design your social media pages to appear modern and coherent, ensuring your brand ethos is reflected to your customers.

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We can also help you with social media for your charity or not for profit. We have experience managing not just business clients but movements and causes as well. This sector requires short but emotive content for maximum impact.


Health & Fitness

From healthy eating to the latest fitness technology. We can help you promote healthy and active lifestyles to your followers. This demographic are very health-conscious and wants to stay attuned to the latest information on their lifestyle. Targeting this group on social media requires responding to individuals dynamically.

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The hospitality sector requires a combined knowledge of many different fields, from gastronomy and fine wines, to technology. We draw on our experience in these fields to ensure that your social media accounts are run to the highest standards.


Together we’re a completely adaptable team that can appeal to all manner of audiences on an inexhaustible range of subjects.

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